Edan Property strives to deliver affordable, community focused projects that are well serviced by transport, infrastructure and amenity to service Australia’s affordable housing land needs.

We pride ourselves on using our engineering prowess and 20+ years experience to solve service challenges and unlock development potential.

  • We do this via innovative, practical, sustainable solutions that are socially responsible.
  • We take a niche focus in small to medium size sites in greater western Sydney. With particular focus in the North West and South West Growth Centers and surrounding in-fill.
  • We seek to bring “silicon valley” disruptive technology & thinking to the traditional challenges of land development.
Over 32 Sites assessed for development.

Our due diligence is best in market. Our engineering and financial expertise ensure our sites always succeed.

Over 250 lots successfully delivered via 7 sites.

A deep understanding of the Sydney Growth Centre's, and delivering product full lifecycle to these markets.

A full 5 year pipeline of great product being delivered.

Always buying new sites, and always delivering product, we have a long term delivery pipeline that maximises market conditions.

Our Strategy

We are wholly focused on land development. We recognise the Australian dream is to own land and that it is a limited resource in our capital cities. As a result our strategy is wholly on land for housing. We do not pursue medium or high development opportunities as we believe we have a more acceptable risk profile with our strategy and our deep expertise in this area and the markets that we focus on.